FM Berlin is a four-piece Alternative Rock band from Moncton, New Brunswick that sounds like The Police and The Strokes made a space. A bold claim which they own with sing-along indie rock swagger.

The band's new single, "Packing Your Bags For Nowhere"(March 2020), was written in under 10 minutes - a first for the band. "The song really wrote itself," explains frontman Corey Hachey. "The chords, the melody, and the lyrics were all first attempts". The track is co-produced by FM Berlin and Toronto's JUNO Award winner (Best Recording Engineer 2017) Jason Dufour (July Talk, Lights, Tokyo Police Club, The Elwins).

"Packing Your Bags For Nowhere" is not only a song about yearning to change your surroundings, it's also about seeking a new perspective and new experiences," says Hachey. "And with lyrics like, '...there's nothing left to see here, this city holds nothing for you now. Nothing left to see here. Packing your bags for nowhere..,'I feel we've clearly delivered that message."

FM Berlin gleaned its name from (Bassist) Glen Farquhar's father who (in June of 1960) carried a concealed camera into Soviet occupied East Berlin, and was able to smuggle pictures of the bombed out city back to Canada.

Recipients of the 2019 Music New Brunswick Artist In Rotation award, FM Berlin were also nominated for two East Coast Music Awards in 2019: Rock Recording and Rising Star Recording of the Year. In 2018, FM Berlin received the Music New Brunswick Rock Artist Of The Year award. In 2014, they were recognized by Music New Brunswick by winning the Emerging Artist of the Year award for their debut EP, In The Interest of National Security (2013).

FM Berlin is: